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Persolve, LLC is a full service legal recovery and collection firm that focuses on litigation in California and national collections under the name of Account Resolution Associates.  Persolve is headquartered in Northridge, CA and is a complete ARM solutions provider with a long history in the credit and collections industry. 

Persolve’s unique blend of collection experience, efficient processes and best-in-class talent is fueling it into one of the most effective debt collection/creditors’ rights firms in the southwest and nationwide, representing a diverse mix of clientele. We will be a partner who will think out of the box, create solutions for your specific needs and do what it takes to improve your bottom line.   

Persolve is dedicated to offer its clients a variety of recovery services for distressed debt portfolios of all types, while reflecting the highest standards of performance and customer service. Persolve treats consumers with fairness, dignity and respect in full compliance with all appropriate consumer collection laws in addition to the policies of its clients.